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Carla Bos serves as harpist in Remix Ensemble for Contemporary Music in Porto, Portugal, since 2001. She worked with contemporary composers such as Harrison Birtwistle, Peter Eötvös, George Crumb, Tan Dun, Helmut Lachenmann, Magnus Lindberg, Emmanuel Nunes, Wolfgang Rihm, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Mauricio Kagel and Louis Andriessen.

Carla is working in The Netherlands as a freelance harpist: as a soloist, with chamber music ensembles and choirs, in ensembles for contemporary music, baroque ensembles and orchestras. She made several CD’s and worldwide concert tours with these ensembles and orchestras.

She studied harp at The Royal Conservatory of The Hague in The Netherlands. She earned her Bachelors Degree and her certificate for chamber music with Edward Witsenburg; and her Masters Degree with Ernestine Stoop.

Carla is very active in chamber music: she has duos with soprano, flute (anemoiduo.nl), flute (panarpa.nl), cello, harp and organ.
She has made 4 CD’s: 2 harp solo, 1 soprano/harp and 1 flute/harp.

Since 2013 Carla is also working as a Storyteller (concertvertelling.nl) in combination with her harp. She studied at the Story Telling Academy in Utrecht and brings Storytelling Concerts / Musical Stories. After two summer courses singing and harping with Rachel Ann Morgan in France, she started singing lessons with Willemijn van Gent since 2016, during concerts she likes to sing and accompany herself on the harp.

Since January 2014 she plays at the high-tea on Sunday’s in Hotel Des Indes in The Hague.
Carla has a unique collection of 11 different harps.